At Intelligent Thinking Recruitment we are dedicated to supplying the best service to both our candidates and our clients.  We believe in sourcing and validating the most adept candidates in the Open Source Development market and introducing them to the most relevant and exciting jobs available.  We have over 13 years of IT Recruitment experience to draw on yet we still have a commitment to learning  so that we can remain at the forefront of the ever developing technologies market.  We are heavily focused in placing Open Source Developers into permanent roles or contract assignments throughout the UK and Europe.

We have recently placed Developers with the following skills sets:

·         Java – EE, SE & ME;

·         Oracle;

·         MVC Architecture;

·         OO Programming;

·         Agile Development;

·         Extreme Programming (Scrum & XP);

·         C/C++ – Embedded;

·         Sybase;

·         SQL, SQL Server, MySQL;

·         Perl – CPAN, dbi, mod_perl, / PHP – smarty, django, drupal, apache / Ruby – rails;

·         Linux/Unix;

·         JavaScript – AJAX, JQuery, JSON & DOM Manipulation; and

·         HTML – XHTML, DHTML, XML, CSS & W3C.

In addition to our exclusive network of candidates, we have also built up an extensive client base including finance, media, technology and internet based companies that require specialists on a contract or permanent basis.Intelligent Thinking Recruitment are also a member of APSCo the Recruitment professional body. This what Ann Swain CEO of Apsco had to say about us.

“APSCo is delighted to welcome Intelligent Thinking into its membership. All of our members have to commit to a strict Code of Conduct and a rigorous, independently verified, referencing process that means that APSCo is a trusted badge of quality for candidates and employers. It’s not easy to become an APSCo member and the fact that Intelligent Thinking embraced this process shows their commitment to excellence.”

 Ann Swain, CEO, APSCo.